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GOOGL Alphabet
As Of 7/3/2020 2:05:00 AM
Current Price$1,469.93
Current Rating4
Return Since 8/2017
S&P 50026.53%
VFS Rating Analysis
Market ReturnAverage
return vs market
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Monthly Performance and Prediction History
Below is the monthly performance history for this security and the monthly change as compared to the stock market for this security. When a row is highlighted in green, it is identifying a stock that the model predict will outperform the portfolio for that month. When a row is highlighted in red, it is identifying a stock that the model predicted will underperform for the month. No highlight indicates the model is neutral on the stock. These predictions are always recorded at the beginning of the month, and table below shows the resulting return for the month.
DateVFS RatingPredictionRating PriceSubsequent
% Increase
Market %
Increase *
5-01-20204 $1,346.706.45%5.35%1.10%
4-01-20204 $1,161.9515.90%12.70%3.20%
2-01-20204 $1,432.78-6.53%-7.20%0.68%
1-01-20204 $1,339.396.97%-0.06%7.03%
12-01-20197 $1,304.092.71%2.51%0.19%
11-01-20196 $1,258.803.60%3.68%-0.08%
10-01-20194 $1,221.143.08%2.20%0.88%
9-01-20196 $1,190.532.57%1.48%1.09%
8-01-20196 $1,218.79-2.32%-1.67%-0.64%
7-01-20197 $1,081.1712.73%1.52%11.21%
6-01-20197 $1,106.50-2.29%6.43%-8.71%
4-01-20196 $1,176.891.88%4.09%-2.21%
3-01-20197 $1,126.554.47%1.36%3.10%
2-01-20196 $1,125.890.06%3.24%-3.18%
1-01-20197 $1,044.967.74%8.01%-0.26%
* As measured by the performance of the S&P 500 for the month.

GOOGL11Trump Declares National Emergency Over Coronavirus Pandemic, Promises More Tests Next Week ( 1:46:00 PM
GOOGL11YouTube To Allow Ads On Coronavirus Videos After Suspending Them Earlier ( 12:38:00 AM
GOOGL11Alphabet Creates Coronavirus Fund To Give Paid Sick Leaves To Affected Workers Globally ( 2:42:00 AM
GOOGL11Google Asks All North American Employees To Work From Home As Coronavirus Spreads ( 12:45:00 AM
NFLX, GOOGL11FANG Stocks Lose Nearly $150B In A Day As Coronavirus Fears Rise Even More, Oil Crashes ( 9:58:00 PM
GOOGL11Google Ties Up With AT&T to Offer 5G Edge Computing Solutions ( 7:09:00 AM
GOOGL11Oracle’s Open-Source Battle Is a ‘Big’ Red Flag for Shareholders ( 7:07:00 AM
GOOGL11Tech Giants Ask Seattle Employees To Work Remotely As Coronavirus Cases Rise ( 4:44:00 AM
GOOGL11Alphabet A Stock Falls 3% ( 1:44:00 AM
GOOGL11Google's Exposure To Travel Will Impact Revenue, BofA Says ( 9:30:00 AM
GOOGL11Google Opens Second Stadia Studio, Boosts Gaming Initiatives ( 4:57:00 AM
GOOGL11Judge Quashes Tulsi Gabbard's Case Against Google Alleging Free Speech Violation ( 2:44:00 AM
GOOGL11Google Announces Second Stadia Games Studio, 'Division 2' Launch ( 1:52:00 PM
GOOGL11Alphabet (GOOGL) Down 7.5% Since Last Earnings Report: Can It Rebound? ( 8:30:00 AM
GOOGL11Alphabet A Stock Rises 3% ( 7:58:00 AM
GOOGL11Self-Driving Vehicle Company Waymo Announces First Outside Investment: $2.25 Billion ( 6:27:00 AM
GOOGL11Alphabet A Stock Falls 3% ( 6:02:00 AM
GOOGL11Alphabet Fuels Autonomous Vehicle War Amid Coronavirus Woes ( 5:41:00 AM
GOOGL11Alphabet’s self-driving unit Waymo raises $2.25 billion from investors ( 2:16:00 PM
GOOGL11Alphabet A Stock Rises 3% ( 7:56:00 AM
GOOGL6Google, Walmart join U.S. effort to speed up coronavirus testing ( 7:55:00 PM
AMZN, DIS, GOOGL6Instagram to Roll Out IGTV Advertising in Challenge to YouTube ( 7:32:00 PM
GOOGL6Google Coronavirus Website Touted by Trump Is at Early Stage ( 5:56:00 PM
GOOGL6Alphabet subsidiary Verily Life Sciences is working on site to help people find coronavirus tests ( 3:12:00 PM
GOOGL6Trump: Google to create web site to help consumers identify coronavirus symptoms, nearest testing areas ( 3:01:00 PM
GOOGL6Google's Verily in early stages of developing a coronavirus tool ( 2:57:00 PM
GOOGL6Apple's WWDC to go online only amid coronavirus pandemic ( 9:52:00 AM
AMZN, GOOGL6Amazon recommends employees worldwide who are able to work at home to do so through March ( 3:54:00 PM
AMZN, GOOGL6Sell-Off Threatens Apple and Microsoft’s Trillion-Dollar Values ( 8:15:00 AM
GOOGL6Augmented-Reality Startup Magic Leap to Explore a Sale ( 6:44:00 AM
GOOGL6Alphabet’s internet balloons remain grounded in Kenya ( 4:45:00 AM
GOOGL6How Coronavirus Could Damage Alphabet and Facebook's Ad Revenues ( 4:00:00 AM
GOOGL6Huawei Bets Big on European 5G Patents Despite Trump’s Pressure ( 12:00:00 AM
GOOGL6IBM Says It’s No. 3 in Cloud Sales; Market Says Google ( 2:57:00 PM
GOOGL6White House Meets With Tech Firms on Coronavirus Response ( 2:52:00 PM
GOOGL6Google Tells Staff to Work From Home In North America and Europe ( 10:03:00 AM
GOOGL6Twitter CEO Pressed by Elliott to Meet Lofty Growth Targets ( 1:00:00 AM
GOOGL6Google asks North American employees to work from home ( 2:56:00 PM
GOOGL6Google Tells All North America Staff to Work From Home ( 2:33:00 PM
GOOGL6Google Scrubs Coronavirus Misinformation on Search, YouTube ( 12:54:00 PM
AMZN, GOOGL6IBM Says It’s No. 3 in Cloud Revenue; Analysts Stick to Google ( 8:09:00 AM
NFLX, GOOGL6Dow Jones Futures Surge As Trump Eyes Payroll Tax Cut; Coronavirus Stock Market Correction On Cusp Of Bear Market ( 5:12:00 AM
GOOGL6ByteDance to Launch Google-Like Work Tools During Outbreak ( 3:19:00 AM
GOOGL6The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Alphabet, Procter & Gamble, Royal Dutch Shell, Alibaba and Enterprise Products ( 2:08:00 AM
GOOGL6Coronavirus Could Damage Alphabet's Ad Revenue, Says Analyst ( 4:28:00 PM
GOOGL6Apple Encourages Silicon Valley Staff to Work From Home on Virus ( 11:33:00 AM
GOOGL6Top Analyst Reports for Alphabet, Procter & Gamble & Royal Dutch Shell ( 10:07:00 AM
GOOGL6Former Uber Exec Files For Bankruptcy After Losing $179M Dispute With Google ( 5:57:00 AM
GOOGL6Want to Know If Covid-19 Was There Before You? ( 2:00:00 PM
GOOGL6Google Travel Ad Revenue May Be Hit by Coronavirus, Analyst Says ( 9:48:00 AM
GOOGL6Ex-Uber Engineer Bankrupt After $179 Million Google Ruling ( 8:54:00 AM
AMZN, GOOGL6Google Cloud Pairs Up With AT&T to Capitalize on the 5G Rush ( 6:22:00 AM
GOOGL6TuSimple Revs Up Texas With New UPS Autonomous Trucking Routes ( 5:55:00 AM
GOOGL6Ex-Uber Engineer Goes Bankrupt in $179 Million Google Vice-Grip ( 7:10:00 PM
GOOGL6Anthony Levandowski ordered to pay Google $179 million ( 5:32:00 PM
GOOGL6Ex-Uber self-driving head declares bankruptcy after $179 million loss to Google ( 2:11:00 PM
GOOGL6Hedge Funds Have Never Been This Bullish On Alphabet Inc (GOOGL) ( 5:18:00 PM
GOOGL6Google Stock Falls After Waymo Funding Round Raises Questions ( 2:03:00 PM
GOOGL6Google Pulls Down Political Ads as Candidates Keep Pushing Limits ( 1:42:00 PM
GOOGL6Google Cancels Most Important Conference on Coronavirus Concern ( 1:26:00 PM
GOOGL6Google Stock Falls, Waymo Valuation Unknown Amid Big External Funding Round ( 1:19:00 PM
GOOGL6Google Cancels Annual Developer Conference on Coronavirus Concerns ( 1:17:00 PM
GOOGL6Alphabet makes Google I/O 2020 an online event because of coronavirus concerns ( 12:45:00 PM
GOOGL6Waymo's $2.25 Billion Round Highlights a Complicated Relationship with Big Auto ( 11:27:00 AM
GOOGL6Waymo raises $2.3bn from group of outside investors ( 4:45:00 AM
GOOGL6Waymo: Google’s carpool for a driverless moonshot ( 4:26:00 AM
GOOGL6Twitter Advises 5,000 Global Employees to Work From Home ( 6:35:00 PM
GOOGL6Alphabet's Google Pulls the Plug on Cloud Conference ( 5:57:00 PM
GOOGL6Alphabet's Waymo Scores $2.25 Billion From Outside Investors ( 4:23:00 PM
GOOGL6Alphabet’s Waymo Raises $2.25 Billion For Driverless Cars ( 3:54:00 PM
GOOGL6Google asks Dublin staff to work from home as coronavirus precaution ( 2:27:00 PM
GOOGL6Alphabet’s Autonomous Vehicle Bet Waymo Raises $2.25 Billion In First Outside Funding Round ( 1:51:00 PM
GOOGL6Google's self-driving sister, Waymo, gets first outside investors ( 1:35:00 PM
GOOGL6Alphabet's Waymo scores $2.25B in first outside funding ( 1:23:00 PM
GOOGL6The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights: Microsoft, Tesla, Cisco, PayPal and Alphabet ( 5:52:00 AM
GOOGL6Google parent Alphabet invents fish recognition system ( 9:00:00 PM
GOOGL6Elliott May Find Twitter Its Dara, But It Needs a Whole Lot More ( 8:02:00 PM
GOOGL1Gates Leaves Microsoft Board to Focus on Philanthropy ( 3:56:00 PM
GOOGL1In Kirkland, $12M is the going price for an acre of waterfront land ( 2:45:00 PM
GOOGL1Trump Says Google Is Building a Coronavirus Screening Website, But Details Are Unclear ( 2:42:00 PM
GOOGL1The Coronavirus Pandemic Has Revealed Some Micro-Cap Opportunities ( 2:42:00 PM
GOOGL1Trump says he’ll ‘most likely’ get tested for coronavirus ‘fairly soon’ ( 2:32:00 PM
GOOGL1Trump declares national emergency due to coronavirus, putting more aid in play ( 1:58:00 PM
GOOGL1Elon Musk's Best Investments ( 11:29:00 AM
GOOGL1Apple Makes WWDC Conference Online Only Amid Virus Pandemic ( 9:39:00 AM
GOOGL1Work-from-home tech stocks — the next big thing or shiny new object? ( 9:21:00 AM
GOOGL1Google expanding at Bakery Square, other long-term tenant to relocate ( 9:13:00 AM
AMZN, GOOGL1Facebook Can Weather Storm Better Than Big-Tech Peers, MKM Says ( 8:00:00 AM
AMZN, GOOGL1Google Boosts ML Initiatives With Cloud AI Platform Pipelines ( 6:24:00 AM
GOOGL1How Businesses Owned by Tech Giants Stand to Be Impacted by Covid-19 ( 4:30:00 AM
GOOGL1Iconic Club Graced by Rolling Stones Is Rewired for the 21st Century ( 2:10:00 AM
GOOGL1Twitter Makes Working From Home Mandatory for Employees Globally ( 7:57:00 PM
GOOGL1Singapore Defends Fake News Law as Weapon to Fight Coronavirus ( 7:07:00 PM
GOOGL1Working from home because of coronavirus? Don’t give your company a different kind of virus ( 3:07:00 PM
GOOGL1Amazon: A Clear Winner of the Covid-19 Pandemic ( 1:03:00 PM
AMZN, GOOGL1Facebook, Google, Amazon to be hit with new 2% U.K. digital-service tax ( 9:11:00 AM
GOOGL1Intel, Google Top Venture Investors In Artificial Intelligence Startups ( 9:01:00 AM
GOOGL1AT&T, after beating the DOJ over antitrust, is working with the agency to take on Google: WSJ ( 6:15:00 AM
GOOGL1Is Salesforce Stock A Buy? Investors Mull Digital Transformation Amid Acquisitions ( 5:01:00 AM
NFLX, GOOGL1What Are FANG Stocks, And Should You Invest In Them? ( 5:01:00 AM
GOOGL1Investors trust Trump’s two ‘magic words,’ and now it’s time to nibble on stocks ( 4:53:00 AM
GOOGL1Google tells its North American employees to stay home ( 3:59:00 AM
GOOGL1Google recommends all North America employees to work from home ( 3:39:00 PM
AMZN, GOOGL1Coronavirus has prompted these tech companies to ask employees to work from home ( 3:01:00 PM
GOOGL1How to Carve Out Space Amid the ETF Onslaught ( 9:51:00 AM
AMZN, GOOGL1Stocks - Wall Street Rebounds on Trump Stimulus Following Worst Rout Since '08 ( 9:04:00 AM
GOOGL1Is Broadcom's Growth Sustainable? ( 8:13:00 AM
AMZN, GOOGL1Garmin, Splunk, Alphabet, AT&T and Amazon highlighted as Zacks Bull and Bear of the Day ( 6:40:00 AM
GOOGL1Tech groups link up with NHS against false virus information ( 5:04:00 AM
GOOGL1Google Stock: Is It A Buy Right Now? Here's What Earnings, GOOGL Stock Chart Show ( 5:00:00 AM
GOOGL1Intel says flawed EU antitrust decision underpins $1.2 billion fine ( 4:17:00 AM
GOOGL1He is tackling a big data center build-out for Google in DFW ( 4:00:00 AM
GOOGL1Brussels powers up hydro investment ( 12:06:00 AM
GOOGL1Co-Working Startup the Wing Saw Its Worth Shrink in WeWork Deal ( 4:04:00 PM
GOOGL1Amdocs Teams Up With Google Cloud to Modernize CSP Operations ( 7:00:00 AM
GOOGL1Grab Shuts Singapore, Thailand Offices After Coronavirus Infection ( 2:02:00 AM
GOOGL1Taleb says Musk’s comment on coronavirus panic being ‘dumb’ is what’s dumb ( 4:00:00 PM
GOOGL1Plunge Protection Team Gives You Another Opportunity To Short The Market ( 1:56:00 PM
GOOGL1How & Why Google Glass Failed ( 7:18:00 PM
GOOGL1AT&T Is Cooperating With Justice Department in Google Probe ( 4:57:00 PM
GOOGL1Big tech commits to paying wages for hourly employees affected by coronavirus plans ( 2:48:00 PM
AMZN, GOOGL1A watershed moment is on the way if stocks can’t hold this level ( 12:59:00 PM
GOOGL1Needham cuts Facebook estimates on coronavirus impact ( 11:30:00 AM
GOOGL1Waymo Mulls Strategy Changes After Reportedly Getting a Lower-Than-Estimated Valuation ( 11:18:00 AM
GOOGL1How the coronavirus is impacting big tech ( 9:13:00 AM
GOOGL1Inside the next-gen tech on Waymo's self-driving Jaguar I-Pace ( 8:09:00 AM
GOOGL1AT&T Aims to Harness Edge Capabilities With Google Cloud ( 5:34:00 AM
GOOGL1Analysts are just starting to understand how coronavirus could hit corporate profits: Morning Brief ( 3:10:00 AM
GOOGL1Facebook, Google ask San Francisco staff to work from home as coronavirus spreads ( 1:50:00 AM
GOOGL1Microsoft Says Two Employees Have Contracted the Coronavirus ( 11:39:00 PM
GOOGL1Sequoia Capital Warns Startups of Coronavirus ‘Black Swan’ Event ( 3:07:00 PM
GOOGL1Google Advises Washington Staff to Work from Home on Coronavirus Fears ( 12:22:00 PM
GOOGL1AT&T partners with Google Cloud for 5G edge computing ( 9:32:00 AM
GOOGL1Conferences and Expos Canceled Because of the Coronavirus ( 7:52:00 AM
GOOGL16 Remote-Working Software Stocks to Ride on Virus-Led Lockdowns ( 6:08:00 AM
GOOGL1Tech hiring has slowed. Here are the Boston firms adding jobs the fastest. ( 2:49:00 AM
GOOGL1Uber’s former self-driving chief declares bankruptcy ( 8:05:00 PM
GOOGL1IBM Cancels 30,000-Person Event in May Over Coronavirus Risks ( 3:17:00 PM
GOOGL1Tech Daily: Conferences Cancelled, AMD Is A Buy, Waymo Raises Cash, Apple Concessions, More ( 3:11:00 PM
GOOGL1Cruise sees rapid improvement in self-drive data in California ( 11:13:00 AM
GOOGL1Bill Nygren Sells 2 Energy Stocks in 4th Quarter ( 9:00:00 AM
GOOGL1U.S. Death Toll Rises to 9; More Travel Curbs Seen: Virus Update ( 2:21:00 PM
GOOGL1Google cancels annual developer conference amid coronavirus concerns ( 1:31:00 PM
GOOGL1Game Developers Conference canceled as tech conferences keep falling as fast as the stock market ( 8:13:00 AM
AMZN, GOOGL1Music Streaming Stocks to Benefit From Virus-Led Lockdown ( 7:00:00 AM
AMZN, GOOGL1These 10 tech giants grew their Bay Area workforces most as hiring slowed last year ( 6:58:00 AM
GOOGL15 Video Conferencing Stocks to Ride on Coronavirus Commotion ( 6:18:00 AM
AMZN, GOOGL1As the stock market rallies, put protections on your investing portfolio ( 1:17:00 PM
GOOGL1Want to know the best diet for your body?DNA tests may soon tell you — down to the variety of lettuce you should be eating ( 8:06:00 AM
GOOGL1Can Nationwide AT&T TV Launch Reverse Video Subscriber Loss? ( 5:49:00 AM
GOOGL1Sanders and Warren scare Big Tech but thrill its workers ( 3:45:00 AM
GOOGL1Silicon Valley’s Super Tuesday picks ( 10:01:00 PM
GOOGL1EU should regulate Facebook and Google as ‘attention utilities’ ( 4:00:00 AM
GOOGL1Virus spurs Google and Microsoft to hasten shift from China  ( 3:00:00 AM
GOOGL1The Risks and Rewards of Investing in Startups (GOOG) ( 5:20:00 PM

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