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Current Stocks in this Portfolio:
SecurityCurrent VFS PredictionCurrent PriceMTD Price ChangeYTD Price ChangeCurrent VFS Rating
SodaStream International (SODA) 17.950.00 %-10.79 %9
Paccar (PCAR) 64.840.00 %-3.19 %8
First Solar Inc. (FSLR) 44.300.00 %-0.66 %8
Nordstroms (JWN) 76.310.00 %-3.88 %6
Expeditors International (EXPD) 46.870.00 %5.07 %6
Corning (GLW) 18.680.00 %-18.53 %6
Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) 46.700.00 %0.54 %5
F5 Networks Inc. (FFIV) 134.140.00 %2.82 %5
Precision Castparts (PCP) 194.920.00 %-19.07 %5
NIKE Inc (NKE) 115.220.00 %20.12 %4
Google (GOOG) 625.610.00 %18.85 %4
Flir Systems (FLIR) 30.790.00 %-4.70 %4
Costco (COST) 145.300.00 %2.50 %3
Columbia Banking (COLB) 32.790.00 %18.76 %3 (AMZN) 536.150.00 %72.76 %2
Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) 266.150.00 %19.67 %2
Starbucks (SBUX) 57.930.00 %-29.40 %1
eMagin Corp (EMAN)Underperform2.720.00 %17.24 %1
Sarepta Therapeutics (SRPT) 31.920.00 %120.59 %1
SolarCity Corporation (SCTY) 58.000.00 %8.45 %1
N/A (TRIP) 79.380.00 %  
Portfolio Return:  0.00 %15.82 % 
S&P 500 Return:0.00 %2.41 %

Puget Investor Blog
A History Lesson For Apple (7/24/2015)
Call me crazy, but tell me if you have heard this story before.  A huge tech company under a visionary leadership has a market dominating product and rakes in tons of money.  The visionary leader then leaves the company, handing it off to a hand picked successor who’s job it is to continue the winning […] Read more..
The Bond King Sees The End (5/30/2015)
Bill Gross has long been considered a Bond King, until recently the fund manager at Pimco Total Return which is the largest Bond Fund in the world.  He has been a media celebrity since the mid 1980’s, and had a well publicized falling out with Pimco which tarnished his legacy. I  have always found his […] Read more..
eMagin – The Story Continues (5/20/2015)
At the end of last year,  I wrote an article on Seeking Alpha wondering if 2015 would be the year that eMagin turns around.  eMagin is a company I have followed for years, and the company has always shown great potential, but never achieved. Recently their earnings came out, and on May 15th the stock popped up […] Read more..
Irrational Interest Rates (5/11/2015)
The short term interest rates around the world have been interesting to watch of late – more and more short term government bonds are going into negative interest rate territory.  As of this writing, the German and the Swiss 2 year bond is yielding a negative market rate.  Even the Bank Of Japan 2 year […] Read more..
The Changing Energy Mix (4/16/2015)
An interesting chart here published as part of an article posted on Ars Technica regarding expected Energy grid changes in 2015:   What surprised me was that wind led the pack.   According to the article, there are a bunch of utilities bringing wind farms online at the end of the year.  One important note […] Read more..
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Portfolio Predictions for August, 2015
SecurityPrediction as of 8/1/2015Price as of
Current Price% Change
eMagin Corp (EMAN) Underperform$2.72$2.72.00% Report

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as of 8/2/2015

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