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Current Stocks in this Portfolio:
SecurityCurrent VFS PredictionCurrent PriceMTD Price ChangeYTD Price ChangeCurrent VFS Rating
First Solar Inc. (FSLR)Outperform48.12-0.74 %-27.08 %10
Disney (DIS) 97.710.61 %-5.66 %9
Fitbit Inc (FIT) 12.824.91 %-56.67 %9
NIKE Inc (NKE) 56.732.77 %81.79 %7
Google (GOOG) 742.747.32 %-2.13 %7
Flir Systems (FLIR) 33.237.37 %18.38 %7
Hooker Furniture Corporation (HOFT) 23.338.56 %-7.17 %7
Costco (COST) 167.476.64 %3.70 %6
Rocky Brands Inc. (RCKY) 12.5710.07 %8.74 %6
Paccar (PCAR) 55.006.03 %18.99 %5
Twitter Inc. Com (TWTR) 18.378.63 %-20.61 %5
Nordstroms (JWN) 40.867.39 %-17.97 %4
Starbucks (SBUX) 57.901.37 %-3.55 %4
SodaStream International (SODA) 24.1613.27 %48.13 %3
TripAdvisor (TRIP)Underperform70.099.00 %-17.78 %3 (AMZN) 744.864.09 %10.20 %2
Zillow Inc. (ZG) 38.585.27 %48.16 %2
F5 Networks Inc. (FFIV)Underperform123.248.26 %27.10 %1
Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA)Underperform222.274.71 %-7.39 %1
Portfolio Return:  6.08 %-1.45 % 
S&P 500 Return:3.71 %6.56 %

Puget Investor Blog
Emerging Markets – Emerging Opportunity? (7/23/2016)

Anybody who has invested in emerging markets over the last few years will tell you they have been killed.    Investing in emerging markets has been a small part of my diversification strategy, so while it has not been a winner I see it as a cost of diversification. So I was interested to see […]

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The Economics of World Bond Pricing (7/7/2016)

This interview with Mohamed El-Erien has a great quote in it which got me to realize why I find economics so interesting: In the mid-’80s the IMF made an attempt to understand financial markets. And I was sent to talk to asset managers in New York. The question was asked to them: “What was the […]

The post The Economics of World Bond Pricing appeared first on VIRTUAL DAN.

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Microsoft and LinkedIn (6/23/2016)

I have been thinking about how I feel about Microsoft’s recent purchase of LinkedIn – and whether or not  I feel good about it.   I am neither a shareholder in Microsoft or LinkedIn, so I am a casual observer, but I was trying to decide if this gets me interested in becoming a holder of […]

The post Microsoft and LinkedIn appeared first on VIRTUAL DAN.

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Jobs And Retail Sales (6/3/2016)

Its been awhile since I have brought up the economy (OK.. a month or two..) but with all my prognosticating about the economic future I think I finally got one right that was worth mentioning. A couple days ago I was looking to adjust my asset allocation to match my targets I have set. I […]

The post Jobs And Retail Sales appeared first on VIRTUAL DAN.

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Why I Am Adding Fitbit to My Portfolio (5/17/2016)

I am admittedly a fan of the Fitbit – the little device that you wear that tracks your daily activity.   When Fitbit the company went public last year, I was somewhat tempted to buy in, but I have an aversion to IPO’s as unless you are insider you usually overpay for IPO stocks. So […]

The post Why I Am Adding Fitbit to My Portfolio appeared first on VIRTUAL DAN.

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Portfolio Predictions for July, 2016
SecurityPrediction as of 7/1/2016Price as of
Current Price% Change
First Solar Inc. (FSLR) Outperform$48.48$48.12-.74% Report
Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Underperform$212.28$222.274.71% Report

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as of 7/24/2016

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GOOG1Verizon said to be buyer of Yahoo for $5 billion: Reports ( 2:29:00 PM
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SBUX1Series of attacks may lead mall owners to increase security ( 1:30:00 AM

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