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Current Stocks in this Portfolio:
SecurityCurrent VFS PredictionCurrent PriceMTD Price ChangeYTD Price ChangeCurrent VFS Rating
General Electric (GE) 31.36-0.76 %0.00 %7
Alphabet (GOOGL) 830.944.86 %4.86 %7
Nordstroms (JWN) 44.20-7.78 %-7.78 %6
Disney (DIS) 108.063.68 %4.43 %6
TripAdvisor (TRIP) 52.9214.13 %14.13 %6
NIKE Inc (NKE) 52.924.11 %4.47 %5
Starbucks (SBUX) 57.854.20 %4.20 %5
F5 Networks Inc. (FFIV) 143.37-0.93 %-0.93 %5 (AMZN) 817.148.97 %8.97 %4
Costco (COST) 161.861.09 %1.09 %3
Paccar (PCAR)Underperform67.525.67 %6.60 %3
First Solar Inc. (FSLR)Underperform35.7511.41 %11.41 %3
Fitbit Inc (FIT) 7.441.64 %1.64 %3
Ultra Clean Holdings Inc. (UCTT) 12.1825.57 %25.57 %3
Rocky Brands Inc. (RCKY) 11.903.03 %3.03 %3
Hooker Furniture Corporation (HOFT) 35.00-7.77 %-7.46 %3
8Point3 Energy Partners (CAFD) 14.038.09 %10.01 %3
Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA)Underperform237.7511.26 %11.26 %2
Twitter Inc. Com (TWTR) 17.255.83 %5.83 %2
Flir Systems (FLIR) 35.64-1.52 %-1.52 %1
Zillow Inc. (ZG)Underperform38.004.25 %4.25 %1
Portfolio Return:  4.71 %4.71 % 
S&P 500 Return:1.57 %1.57 %

Puget Investor Blog
A Case For Top Down Investing (11/30/2016)

I typically have been a bottom up investor- look for companies I think are undervalued, and invest in the hope that others will see the bargain out there and raise the price.  This is called ‘Bottom up Investing‘, focusing on the individual market vs the stock sector or the asset class. However, the market action […]

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The Government Costanza Moment (10/26/2016)

When I read these two articles, I was reminded of the Seinfeld episode where George realized that he has been making bad choices all his life – so he should do the opposite of what he thinks is right. Case in point:  This article discussing how the budget deficit is now increasing due to stimulus points how […]

The post The Government Costanza Moment appeared first on VIRTUAL DAN.

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Whats Up With Gold? (8/23/2016)

I have been watching Gold lately as an asset class – Gold has always been a curiosity of mine as to why people would invest in gold.  Over the last few years as I have been watching how momentum impacts markets, I feel I understand a little better about the hows and whys of how […]

The post Whats Up With Gold? appeared first on VIRTUAL DAN.

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Emerging Markets – Emerging Opportunity? (7/23/2016)

Anybody who has invested in emerging markets over the last few years will tell you they have been killed.    Investing in emerging markets has been a small part of my diversification strategy, so while it has not been a winner I see it as a cost of diversification. So I was interested to see […]

The post Emerging Markets – Emerging Opportunity? appeared first on VIRTUAL DAN.

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The Economics of World Bond Pricing (7/7/2016)

This interview with Mohamed El-Erien has a great quote in it which got me to realize why I find economics so interesting: In the mid-’80s the IMF made an attempt to understand financial markets. And I was sent to talk to asset managers in New York. The question was asked to them: “What was the […]

The post The Economics of World Bond Pricing appeared first on VIRTUAL DAN.

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FIT2US insurers get inside cars, mouths, grocery carts in profit search ( 4:00:00 AM
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NKE2Dolce&Gabbana court millennials, Plein launches activewear ( 5:15:00 PM
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TSLA1China, Europe drive shift to electric cars as U.S. lags ( 6:13:00 AM
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