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Current Stocks in this Portfolio:
SecurityCurrent VFS PredictionCurrent PriceMTD Price ChangeYTD Price ChangeCurrent VFS Rating
Expeditors International (EXPD)Outperform41.300.00 %-6.67 %8
Columbia Banking (COLB)Outperform26.010.00 %-5.38 %8
F5 Networks Inc. (FFIV) 124.190.00 %36.68 %7
Paccar (PCAR) 62.810.00 %7.67 %6
eMagin Corp (EMAN) 2.700.00 %-4.59 %6
SodaStream International (SODA) 33.340.00 %-32.84 %6
First Solar Inc. (FSLR) 69.680.00 %27.53 %6
Sarepta Therapeutics (SRPT) 22.930.00 %12.57 %6
Nordstroms (JWN) 69.250.00 %12.06 %4
NIKE Inc (NKE) 78.550.00 %0.19 %4
Google (GOOG) 571.600.00 %-49.00 %4
Flir Systems (FLIR) 33.790.00 %12.26 %4
Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) 45.430.00 %21.44 %3
Starbucks (SBUX)Underperform77.810.00 %-0.74 %3
Symetra (SYA)Underperform24.340.00 %28.38 %3
Corning (GLW)Underperform20.860.00 %17.06 %3
SolarCity Corporation (SCTY) 68.680.00 %20.87 %3
Costco (COST) 121.080.00 %1.73 %2 (AMZN) 339.040.00 %-14.98 %1
Portfolio Return:  0.00 %8.08 % 
S&P 500 Return:0.00 %8.67 %

For a detailed review of the performance of stocks predicted to outperform or underperform, visit the Historical Performance page.
Asset Class Timeliness Rating
as of 9/1/2014

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