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Current Stocks in this Portfolio:
SecurityCurrent VFS PredictionCurrent PriceMTD Price ChangeYTD Price ChangeCurrent VFS Rating
Nordstroms (JWN) 73.272.18 %-7.71 %7
SodaStream International (SODA) 15.5012.65 %-22.96 %7
F5 Networks Inc. (FFIV) 117.961.87 %-9.58 %7
Paccar (PCAR) 54.093.68 %-19.00 %6
Flir Systems (FLIR) 28.421.54 %-12.04 %6
First Solar Inc. (FSLR) 48.8814.34 %9.61 %5
TripAdvisor (TRIP) 66.846.06 %-10.47 %5
Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) 46.755.63 %0.65 %4
Google (GOOG)Underperform645.446.08 %22.61 %3
Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) 241.46-2.79 %8.57 %2
Precision Castparts (PCP) 229.960.11 %-4.52 %2
SolarCity Corporation (SCTY) 47.2810.70 %-11.59 %2
Costco (COST) 148.412.66 %4.70 %1
NIKE Inc (NKE) 123.190.18 %28.41 %1
Starbucks (SBUX) 58.693.25 %-28.47 %1 (AMZN) 537.485.00 %73.19 %1
Portfolio Return:  4.57 %13.10 % 
S&P 500 Return:3.21 %-3.77 %

Puget Investor Blog
An Energy Price Explanation (10/6/2015)

One of my favorite charts of late comes from a JP Morgan Presentation on Markets.  This document contains an overwhelming number of charts and indicators – but this one stood out to me: Looking for a quick way to explain the dramatic drop in oil prices?  This chart shows the dramatic increase in US production […]

The post An Energy Price Explanation appeared first on VIRTUAL DAN.

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So Long GLW (9/24/2015)

I was reviewing my portfolio recently and decided it was finally time to remove Corning (GLW) from my Puget Investor Portfolio.  I originally started accumulating Corning starting in 2011 thru 2013, as I felt it was a fairly low risk cheap stock that would benefit from the global increase in cell phone ownership (Corning’s flagship […]

The post So Long GLW appeared first on VIRTUAL DAN.

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The Fed And Interest Rates (9/13/2015)

Financial media has been abuzz of late regarding Thursday’s Fed meeting where we find out whether or not the Fed raises the overnight interest rate a quarter point.  I am beginning to think this is the Trump-ization of the Fed – much like Trump has brought politics closer to the realm of entertainment – the […]

The post The Fed And Interest Rates appeared first on VIRTUAL DAN.

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Stock Market Momentum and Death Crosses (9/2/2015)

As an investor I am late to the party as far as following technical indicators.  Only in the last few years have I been really looking at momentum when it comes to stock prices.  In particular, it is clear to me that the US stock market as measured by the Standard and Poors 500  (S&P […]

The post Stock Market Momentum and Death Crosses appeared first on VIRTUAL DAN.

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My Precision Castparts Experience (8/16/2015)

When I saw that Berkshire Hathaway was buying out Precision Castparts last weekend, I got that good feeling you get when you know one of the stocks you own was about to increase in value.  However, as I looked at it a little closer, it just made me feel like I missed an opportunity. I […]

The post My Precision Castparts Experience appeared first on VIRTUAL DAN.

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Portfolio Predictions for October, 2015
SecurityPrediction as of 10/1/2015Price as of
Current Price% Change
Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Underperform$44.26$46.755.63% Report
Google (GOOG) Underperform$608.42$645.446.08% Report

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as of 10/6/2015

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FFIV30F5 Networks (FFIV) Stock Rated 'Sell' at Citi ( 6:29:00 AM
ZINC25Horsehead Holding Corp. to Release Third Quarter 2015 Earnings ( 1:24:00 PM
FFIV25Cisco: Citi Starts at Buy; Boasts of Sell Rating on F5 ( 6:08:00 AM
MSFT21Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft's New Hardware ( 4:50:00 PM
TSLA21What the Model X Tells Us About Tesla Motors' Strengths and Weaknesses ( 3:20:00 PM
ZINC20Horsehead Holding Corp. to Release Third Quarter 2015 Earnings ( 1:08:00 PM
MSFT, TSLA16Microsoft Unveils First Laptop, Twitter Turns to Moments: Tech Winners & Losers ( 3:20:00 PM
FLIR15FLIR Systems Unveils 2 Novel Test & Measurement Tools ( 12:30:00 PM
FFIV15Citi: Buy Large-Cap Networking Giant Cisco, Sell F5 (And Hold Juniper) ( 12:21:00 PM
FSLR15Under the radar: AAP, FSLR & more ( 9:58:00 AM
FFIV15This Metric Says One Of These Two Stocks in Red Is a Buy ( 9:04:00 AM
FFIV15Stocks Wrestle In Mixed Action; DuPont Surges, Illumina Dives ( 7:35:00 AM
FFIV15Cisco Has EPS Upside, F5 Sales A Worry, Says Citi ( 6:47:00 AM
SCTY15SolarCity and Temecula Valley Unified School District Announce Solar and Energy Storage Project Expected to Save the District Millions ( 5:24:00 AM
SCTY15SolarCity and Temecula Valley Unified School District Announce Solar and Energy Storage Project Expected to Save the District Millions ( 5:00:00 AM
COST13Costco Wholesale (COST) Stock Climbs, Analysts Reiterate 'Outperform' Rating ( 1:33:00 PM
SBUX12Starbucks snags new tech chief from Adobe ( 3:07:00 PM
SBUX12One Reason Starbucks (SBUX) Stock Closed Higher Today ( 1:16:00 PM
AMZN11Will (AMZN) Stock Be Lifted by Positive Online Retail Survey Results? ( 1:38:00 PM
GOOG11No Safe Harbor: EU Privacy Ruling Hits Apple, Google ( 1:18:00 PM
MSFT11Tech Roundup: Apple Pay Disappoints, Microsoft Focuses Mobile ( 3:54:00 PM
MSFT, AMZN, GOOG11Tech Brands on Top Again, and Twitter Gains With Dorsey: Tech Winners & Losers ( 2:46:00 PM
GOOG11Here's how a new drone company helped build Google's expanding campus in Kirkland ( 2:10:00 PM
AMZN11Amazon's 'Space Needle' No Slam Dunk Against QLIK, DATA, Say FBR, William Blair ( 1:04:00 PM
SCTY10SolarCity (SCTY) Unveils World's Most Efficient Rooftop Panel ( 2:05:00 PM
COST8Costco Sells Record Amount of Cage-Free Eggs Despite Feud ( 5:54:00 PM
SBUX7Starbucks Hires First Chief Technology Officer ( 4:48:00 PM
SBUX7Starbucks CIO Curt Garner to Leave Company in November ( 3:30:00 PM
SBUX7Gerri Martin-Flickinger Named First Ever CTO Of Starbucks ( 2:36:00 PM
SBUX7Gerri Martin-Flickinger Named First Ever CTO At Starbucks ( 2:36:00 PM
SBUX7Starbucks names Adobe alum Martin-Flickinger CTO ( 2:00:00 PM
SBUX7Starbucks Names Gerri Martin-Flickinger Chief Technology Officer ( 1:54:00 PM
SBUX7Former Adobe executive takes on CTO role at Starbucks ( 1:44:00 PM
SBUX7Apple's Corporate Culture Motivates Employees, Boosts its Stock Price ( 1:43:00 PM
SBUX7Starbucks Hires First Chief Technology Officer ( 1:41:00 PM
SBUX74:31 pm Starbucks names Gerri Martin-Flickinger as Chief Technology Officer effective Nov. 2 ( 1:31:00 PM
SBUX7Starbucks Creates Chief Technology Role as Focus on Mobile Grows ( 1:30:00 PM
SBUX7Starbucks Names Gerri Martin-Flickinger Chief Technology Officer ( 1:30:00 PM
SBUX7Beer and wine may be coming to several D.C. Starbucks ( 12:12:00 PM
SBUX7How Apple’s Winning Corporate Culture Leads to a Higher Stock Price ( 11:20:00 AM
SBUX7Starbucks mobile order and pay to launch in Canada on Oct. 13 ( 10:20:00 AM
MSFT, GOOG6It's Time for Microsoft to Reboot Office ( 6:17:00 PM
GOOG6Google's Meter turns your home screen into an active widget ( 6:10:00 PM
MSFT6Competition for Microsoft lineup ( 5:48:00 PM
MSFT6Microsoft Pushes Deeper into Computing Hardware ( 5:07:00 PM
MSFT6Microsoft Pushes Deeper into Hardware ( 4:48:00 PM
GOOG6Android 6.0 Marshmallow Review: Google Outsmarts Apple By Guessing Your Next Move ( 4:46:00 PM
MSFT, GOOG6It’s Time for Microsoft to Reboot Office ( 4:46:00 PM
MSFT6Microsoft’s Surface Book: The Reason for a Laptop Foray ( 4:45:00 PM
GOOG6Google denies scooping up your car's data through Android Auto ( 4:08:00 PM
MSFT6Microsoft unveils Windows 10 smartphones, new laptop ( 3:43:00 PM
MSFT6Microsoft's Surface Book: The Reason for a Laptop Foray ( 3:37:00 PM
JWN, NKE6Retailers See New Things In Store For Online Shoppers ( 3:34:00 PM
MSFT6Microsoft: New Hardware 'Impressive,' Says FBR; 'Surface Book' Nice Surprise, Says Cowen ( 3:30:00 PM
MSFT6Microsoft targets Apple with latest Surface notebooks ( 3:21:00 PM
GOOG6The creators of HBO's 'Silicon Valley' were shocked by Google's 'Hooli' Easter egg ( 3:13:00 PM
MSFT6Microsoft Makes Some Progress in Simplifying Licensing ( 2:44:00 PM
MSFT6Expanding Microsoft's Reach: Inside the Windows 10 Event ( 2:43:00 PM
MSFT6Expanding Microsoft's Reach: Inside the Windows 10 Event ( 2:40:00 PM
AMZN6Amazon Web Services Makes Several Partner Announcements at re:Invent 2015 ( 1:20:00 PM
TSLA611 Companies to Invest In If You Are Optimistic About Driverless Cars ( 11:13:00 AM
TSLA6Tesla Shares Are Headed for a Big Selloff ( 9:57:00 AM
TSLA6Credit Suisse's 17 Best Stock Picks ( 8:30:00 AM
GOOG6Google in talks to invest in chat company Symphony: source ( 3:08:00 PM
MSFT6Tech Today: Twitter, Micron Surge, Microsoft's New Wares, Starz-Gate? ( 2:46:00 PM
GOOG6McNamee: Alphabet could unlock more value for Google ( 2:43:00 PM
GOOG6Alphabet to back Symphony messaging tool ( 2:37:00 PM
GOOG6Google parent Alphabet codifies doing the right thing ( 1:49:00 PM
GOOG6Google just valued a would-be Bloomberg killer at $650 million ( 1:36:00 PM
GOOG6The true story behind Google's hilarious first name: BackRub ( 1:35:00 PM
GOOG6Nyet: Russia regulators require Google to unbundle Android apps by Nov. 18 ( 1:29:00 PM
GOOG6Russia orders Google to loosen its Android policies by November 18th ( 1:28:00 PM
MSFT6Microsoft's next smartphone may extend Windows 10 features, like iris scans ( 1:26:00 PM
GOOG6Global Internet Population At 3.27 Bil, Led By China ( 1:19:00 PM
MSFT6Looking To The Charts To Find Out What's Driving Microsoft's Rally ( 1:17:00 PM
MSFT6This is why Microsoft isn't giving up on smartphones ( 1:10:00 PM
SCTY5Personal property portfolios of Donald Trump, Elon Musk and 6 other billionaires ( 1:47:00 PM
COST3Use The Relative Strength Line To Identify Emerging Leadership ( 2:07:00 PM
SBUX2Peet's brews bid for hipster coffee brand ( 5:25:00 PM
NKE2Hurley founder Bob Hurley stepping down as CEO for new role at Nike ( 2:23:00 PM
SBUX2After-hours buzz: Yum, Nu Skin, Adobe & more ( 2:05:00 PM
NKE2NIKE, Inc. Announces Bob Hurley to Step Down as CEO of Hurley ( 2:00:00 PM
NKE2NIKE INC Files SEC form 10-Q, Quarterly Report ( 1:31:00 PM
SBUX2What Will Happen to Restaurant Stocks when the Fed Hikes Rates? ( 12:08:00 PM
SBUX2What to expect from coming restaurant earnings ( 9:32:00 AM
NKE2Take a lesson from Nike's customer diagnosis approach ( 8:45:00 AM
NKE2Heavy Insider Selling Activity Detected At These Two Blockbuster Companies ( 6:33:00 AM
NKE2Nike, footwear industry, ready for TPP windfall ( 3:05:00 PM
NKE2S&P 500 gains for fifth session in longest winning streak for 2015 ( 2:21:00 PM
SBUX2Can this Food & Beverage Giant Surprise Investors in this Quarter’s Earnings Report? ( 1:45:00 PM
NKE2NIKE, Inc. to Host Investor Day on October 14, 2015 ( 1:15:00 PM
GOOG1Samsung's 3Q profit surges thanks to components, weak won ( 7:28:00 PM
GOOG1Samsung's 3Q profit surges thanks to components, weak won ( 7:28:00 PM
MSFT1Europe-U.S. data transfer deal used by many firms ruled invalid ( 7:25:00 PM
TSLA1After The Tesla Model X, The Model Y? ( 7:12:00 PM
GOOG1Tech Stocks from ( 7:00:00 PM
TSLA1Elon Musk has simple advice for Twitter's new CEO about running two companies: Don't do it ( 6:14:00 PM
GOOG1Toyota Aims to Make Self-Driving Cars by 2020 ( 4:48:00 PM
AMZN1EU Court Says Data-Transfer Pact With U.S. Violates Privacy ( 4:47:00 PM
TSLA1Tesla’s Model X Mystery ( 4:45:00 PM
GOOG1Airbnb just pulled out a clever trick to fight a proposed law in San Francisco ( 4:11:00 PM
GOOG14 stocks to watch in fourth quarter ( 4:03:00 PM
MSFT, GOOG1No Safe Harbor: EU Privacy Ruling Is A U.S. Tech Pain ( 3:56:00 PM
MSFT1Cramer: Hot money flowing into this unusual group ( 3:52:00 PM
AMZN1Rackspace Slips Despite AWS Deal; Winner Take All for Amazon, Says Piper ( 3:46:00 PM
GOOG1Toyota wants self-driving cars on the highway by 2020 ( 3:39:00 PM
GOOG1Which Android devices are getting Marshmallow and when? ( 3:29:00 PM
AMZN1Etsy doubles down on manufacturing as it faces off with Amazon ( 3:29:00 PM
AMZN1Etsy doubles down on manufacturing as it faces off with Amazon ( 3:29:00 PM
GOOG1Ruling on transatlantic data transfers puts US tech firms in rough water ( 3:28:00 PM
MSFT1Cramer: Hot money flowing into this unusual group ( 3:15:00 PM
MSFT1Business Highlights ( 3:15:00 PM
TSLA1Lithium Market Set To Explode – All Eyes Are On Nevada ( 3:08:00 PM
AMZN1Amazon gets busy locking in domain names for Internet of things ( 2:57:00 PM
GOOG1I used an Android watch with my iPhone — and I hate it ( 2:44:00 PM
TSLA1Top Trades: Telsa & McDonald's ( 2:26:00 PM
AMZN112 big companies to rack up $2B in losses ( 1:58:00 PM
TSLA1Even This Ardent Tesla Bull Had Model X Sticker Shock ( 1:40:00 PM
AMZN, GOOG1Consumers are no longer 'Googling' products, they're 'Amazoning' them ( 1:30:00 PM
AMZN, GOOG1New Roku set-top box could leapfrog Apple TV and Chromecast ( 1:18:00 PM
TSLA1Tesla Model S races against gas-powered supercar in Australia ( 12:32:00 PM
AMZN1Amazon's primed to add grocery delivery hub in Minneapolis ( 12:32:00 PM
AMZN1Going Shopping With Consumer Discretionary ETFs ( 11:49:00 AM
TSLA1Tesla's Model X Mystery ( 11:27:00 AM
AMZN1Amazon Is Dominating Competitors and Flooding College Mailrooms ( 11:27:00 AM
AMZN1Tech companies count cost of losing their 'safe harbour' ( 11:23:00 AM
TSLA1Tesla's Biggest Bull on Wall Street Cuts His Price Target, Sending Shares South ( 10:28:00 AM
TSLA1Google, Facebook Shares Fall on European Court Ruling ( 10:21:00 AM
TSLA1Known Tesla bulls sound the alarm about Model X price ( 10:09:00 AM
AMZN1EU to close tax loopholes for multinationals ( 10:05:00 AM
AMZN1Story Stocks from ( 9:56:00 AM
AMZN1Amazon sees Ohio as a key supplier in the growing wind energy industry ( 9:50:00 AM
AMZN1Tuesday links: meritorious mentors ( 9:46:00 AM
AMZN1Sweetheart tax deals targeted as EU boosts information exchange ( 9:33:00 AM
AMZN1Rackspace approved to offer 'fanatical support' to Amazon cloud service ( 8:50:00 AM
TSLA1Tesla: The Model X is Just Too Darn Expensive ( 8:33:00 AM
TSLA1DuPont up on CEO departure; Telsa's PT cut; Freeport-McMoRan may exit oil/gas biz ( 8:30:00 AM
TSLA1Dig In For Victory With Rare Earth Minerals PLC And Sirius Minerals PLC ( 8:07:00 AM
TSLA1Tesla Permabull Adam Jonas Cuts Target To $450, Sees 'Gap' Between Targets And Reality ( 7:41:00 AM
TSLA1Analysts Have Changed Their Minds On Two of These Three Stocks, What Do Hedge Funds Think? ( 6:38:00 AM
AMZN, GOOG1Global Tech Firms Brace for Tax Rules ( 7:25:00 PM
GOOG1There Is No Diversity Crisis In Silicon Valley ( 4:59:00 PM
GOOG1Watch this: Inside Android's Easter egg tradition ( 4:43:00 PM
AMZN1Will 'Space Needle' Help Amazon Add More AWS Customers? ( 4:22:00 PM
MSFT1Bungie Announces 'Destiny' Is Getting Cosmetic Microtransactions Next Week ( 4:17:00 PM
AMZN1Sharing Millennials Aren't Sharing Wealth With Malls ( 3:55:00 PM
MSFT, GOOG1Technology Stock Roundup: GOOGL Event, AMZN Ban, TWTR CEO ( 3:21:00 PM
GOOG1Stocks end sharply higher; GE leads gains in industrials ( 2:59:00 PM
GOOG1Biz Break: Twitter soars after it names Dorsey as CEO ( 2:55:00 PM
MSFT1Bungie Confirms The Taken King's Secret Raid Room Is An Easter Egg, But No Treasure Trove ( 2:13:00 PM
GOOG1Back Again: Jack Dorsey Is Just the Latest Founder to Return as CEO ( 2:09:00 PM
AMZN1Tech Leaders Rally; Netflix Retakes Key Level ( 1:34:00 PM

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