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Current Stocks in this Portfolio:
SecurityCurrent VFS PredictionCurrent PriceMTD Price ChangeYTD Price ChangeCurrent VFS Rating
TripAdvisor (TRIP)Outperform48.06-0.46 %-43.62 %10
Alphabet (GOOGL)Outperform795.172.49 %2.21 %9
Disney (DIS) 103.384.30 %-0.94 %7
Costco (COST) 157.594.98 %-2.42 %5
NIKE Inc (NKE) 51.552.96 %65.22 %5
Paccar (PCAR) 68.079.53 %46.56 %5
Starbucks (SBUX) 58.651.17 %-2.30 %5 (AMZN) 767.332.23 %13.53 %5
F5 Networks Inc. (FFIV) 142.831.48 %47.31 %5
Nordstroms (JWN) 61.499.96 %23.45 %4
First Solar Inc. (FSLR) 33.179.40 %-49.73 %4
Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) 192.291.53 %-19.88 %4
Rocky Brands Inc. (RCKY) 11.235.40 %-2.90 %4
Hooker Furniture Corporation (HOFT) 32.1517.77 %27.77 %4
Flir Systems (FLIR) 36.652.06 %30.57 %3
Fitbit Inc (FIT) 7.92-5.26 %-73.23 %3
Zillow Inc. (ZG)Underperform37.436.49 %43.74 %1
Twitter Inc. Com (TWTR) 19.646.22 %-15.13 %1
Ultra Clean Holdings Inc. (UCTT) 10.282.39 %100.78 %1
Portfolio Return:  4.45 %1.36 % 
S&P 500 Return:2.16 %10.44 %

Puget Investor Blog
A Case For Top Down Investing (11/30/2016)

I typically have been a bottom up investor- look for companies I think are undervalued, and invest in the hope that others will see the bargain out there and raise the price.  This is called ‘Bottom up Investing‘, focusing on the individual market vs the stock sector or the asset class. However, the market action […]

The post A Case For Top Down Investing appeared first on VIRTUAL DAN.

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The Government Costanza Moment (10/26/2016)

When I read these two articles, I was reminded of the Seinfeld episode where George realized that he has been making bad choices all his life – so he should do the opposite of what he thinks is right. Case in point:  This article discussing how the budget deficit is now increasing due to stimulus points how […]

The post The Government Costanza Moment appeared first on VIRTUAL DAN.

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Whats Up With Gold? (8/23/2016)

I have been watching Gold lately as an asset class – Gold has always been a curiosity of mine as to why people would invest in gold.  Over the last few years as I have been watching how momentum impacts markets, I feel I understand a little better about the hows and whys of how […]

The post Whats Up With Gold? appeared first on VIRTUAL DAN.

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Emerging Markets – Emerging Opportunity? (7/23/2016)

Anybody who has invested in emerging markets over the last few years will tell you they have been killed.    Investing in emerging markets has been a small part of my diversification strategy, so while it has not been a winner I see it as a cost of diversification. So I was interested to see […]

The post Emerging Markets – Emerging Opportunity? appeared first on VIRTUAL DAN.

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The Economics of World Bond Pricing (7/7/2016)

This interview with Mohamed El-Erien has a great quote in it which got me to realize why I find economics so interesting: In the mid-’80s the IMF made an attempt to understand financial markets. And I was sent to talk to asset managers in New York. The question was asked to them: “What was the […]

The post The Economics of World Bond Pricing appeared first on VIRTUAL DAN.

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Portfolio Predictions for December, 2016
SecurityPrediction as of 12/1/2016Price as of
Current Price% Change
Zillow Inc. (ZG) Underperform$35.15$37.436.49% Report
Alphabet (GOOGL) Outperform$775.88$795.172.49% Report

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FIT18It's Official: Fitbit, Inc. Buys Pebble's Leftovers ( 10:40:00 AM
FIT18Why Fitbit Inc's Shares Dropped 37% in November ( 8:34:00 AM
SBUX17Howard Schultz vs. Ray Kroc: Who's the Greatest of All Time? ( 3:22:00 PM
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TRIP17Coverage initiated on TripAdvisor by CLSA ( 4:15:00 AM
GE17General Electric, Baker Hughes Prep for Analyst Day ( 1:00:00 PM
AMZN16Amazon's First Step into Grocery Retail is Brilliant ( 3:20:00 PM
DIS16Netflix Doesn't Want to Stream Most Movies ( 2:52:00 PM
TSLA16Market Fallout From the EPA's Rush Decision ( 10:20:00 AM
TSLA16Why Rising Oil Prices Are Good for EVs and Renewable Energy ( 9:48:00 AM
DIS163 Top Stocks to Buy for Your Children This Holiday Season ( 6:55:00 AM
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GOOGL16Why Facebook Inc Is a Stock to Buy and Hold Forever ( 10:35:00 AM
PCAR15S&P 500 Closed at Record Highs amid Tax Cut Expectations ( 6:21:00 AM
PCAR15PACCAR (PCAR) Hike Dividend, Boosts Shareholders' Value ( 3:04:00 PM
HOFT15Edited Transcript of HOFT earnings conference call or presentation 7-Dec-16 7:00pm GMT ( 2:29:00 PM
FLIR15Here is What Hedge Funds Think About FLIR Systems, Inc. (FLIR) ( 12:06:00 PM
FSLR14SunPower's Restructuring Is A Bad Sign For Photovoltaic Industry ( 6:55:00 AM
COST13It's Not Too Late to Buy Costco, Analyst Says ( 10:39:00 AM
COST13Bank of America trade offers a 5.92% return in 100 days, or find similar option trades on Caterpillar Inc., Costco, Western Digital, and Dow Chemical ( 6:31:00 AM
ZG13Zillow Group Signs White House Equal Pay Pledge ( 10:46:00 AM
TRIP12Trump rally’s best and worst stocks a month after the election ( 2:50:00 PM
SBUX12Game Over for the New Starbucks Pokemon Go Frap ( 12:22:00 PM
GE121:00 pm General Electric acquires Iders Incorporated; terms not disclosed ( 10:00:00 AM
GE12GE Acquires Iders Incorporated to Accelerate Vision for Self-Aware Trains ( 10:00:00 AM
TRIP12Is XL Group Ltd (XL) Worthy of Your Portfolio? ( 8:49:00 AM
GE12What Has General Electric Done to Mitigate Its Pension Liabilities? ( 8:06:00 AM
SBUX12'I Want to Own Starbucks': More Squawk From Jim Cramer ( 8:00:00 AM
GE12Why General Electric is a Stifel Top Pick For After the Trump Rally ( 7:58:00 AM
SBUX12Starbucks Wants to Deliver Lattes in China ( 7:34:00 AM
GE12A Deep Dive into General Electric’s Pension Plan ( 6:36:00 AM
SBUX12Starbucks Remains a Solid Investment, Despite Schultz's Departure ( 5:29:00 AM
GE12Investor Insight: General Electric’s Pension Liabilities ( 5:06:00 AM
TRIP12Early movers: LULU, SHLD, COST, HRB, CIEN, VRNT, & more ( 4:52:00 AM
SBUX12Jim Cramer's Top Takeaways: Starbucks, Southwest Airlines ( 3:00:00 AM
SBUX12Starbucks Future Includes Some Absolutely Gargantuan Stores Worldwide ( 1:09:00 PM
TRIP12Juniper Networks, Inc. (JNPR): Has Smart Money Ownership Finally Hit Rock-Bottom? ( 9:37:00 AM
TWTR12Jim Cramer on Why Donald Trump Loves Twitter More Than Wall St. Does ( 8:57:00 AM
GOOGL, FIT11Fitbit Acquires Assets as Pebble Shuts Down -- Tech Roundup ( 1:33:00 PM
DIS11No Question About It, Disney Should Sell ESPN as Soon as Possible ( 12:40:00 PM
AMZN, GOOGL11Trump Invites Tech Executives to Break Bread at a Roundtable ( 11:36:00 AM
GOOGL11Google, Apple, Intel, Twitter stock up on AI startups ( 11:12:00 AM
AMZN, GOOGL11Cuban Speaks in Favor of AT&T-Time Warner at Congressional Hearing ( 9:01:00 AM
COST9Costco's profit beats on fresh food sales, switch to Visa ( 3:17:00 PM
COST9Costco (COST) Misses Q3 Earnings, Revenues Up 3.2% ( 2:43:00 PM
COST9Costco Wholesale Corp Earnings Call scheduled for 5:00 pm ET today ( 2:00:00 PM
COST9Costco Remains Flat on Mixed Earnings ( 1:38:00 PM
COST9Costco Slips As Q1 EPS Beats Expectations, Revenue Comes In Light ( 1:32:00 PM
COST9Ahead of Wednesday's earnings, here are four ways Costco is special ( 1:25:00 PM
COST9Costco profits rise more than 13% ( 1:24:00 PM
COST9Costco's EPS & revenue miss ( 1:22:00 PM
COST9Costco misses Street 1Q forecasts ( 1:22:00 PM
COST9Costco misses Street 1Q forecasts ( 1:22:00 PM
COST9Costco reports 3.2 pct rise in quarterly revenue ( 1:22:00 PM
COST94:20 pm Costco beats by $0.05 including legal settlement benefit, reports revs a little light (in-line with preannouncement) ( 1:20:00 PM
COST9Costco Wholesale Corporation Reports First Quarter Fiscal Year 2017 Operating Results ( 1:15:00 PM
COST, AMZN9Will Online Retailers Defeat Costco? ( 11:59:00 AM
COST9What to Expect From Costco Earnings ( 8:20:00 AM
FIT8Fitbit Buys Pebble; Should You Buy Fitbit? ( 1:06:00 PM
COST, AMZN8Costco's improving its online capabilities, but don't expect it to be Amazon ( 12:55:00 PM
COST8Costco: Is This the Start of a Sustained Move Higher? ( 10:50:00 AM
ZG8These 4 colors can be the kiss of death when selling your home ( 10:21:00 AM
FIT8Pebble Acquisition Won't Be Material to Fitbit's Results: Deutsche Bank ( 10:16:00 AM
COST8Costco claims it's had a version of Amazon's futuristic grocery store for 20 years ( 8:27:00 AM
COST8Costco: So That's Why It Dumped American Express ( 7:30:00 AM
COST8Stocks to Watch: Horizon Pharma, Lululemon, Ciena, Costco ( 6:27:00 AM
ZG8Zillow Group (ZG) Declares Pricing of $400M Senior Notes ( 6:10:00 AM
COST8Costco (COST) Earnings and Revenues Miss Estimates in Q1 ( 6:01:00 AM
FIT8Fitbit buys smartwatch maker Pebble's software assets ( 7:30:00 AM
TWTR7Twitter's Jack Dorsey "Intends" to Continue Dual CEO Roles ( 2:20:00 PM
SBUX7Starbucks Thinks it Can Open 12,000 More Stores ( 11:20:00 AM
SBUX7Would You Pay $10 For A Cup Of Coffee? Starbucks Thinks You Will ( 11:08:00 AM
SBUX7Starbucks' Investor Day Proves Company Remains A Global Growth Story ( 10:34:00 AM
SBUX7Starbucks is selling this smart mug that lets you control your coffee temperature ( 7:55:00 AM
TWTR7Donald Trump's Twitter Relationship Is "Complicated" ( 7:51:00 AM
SBUX7Starbucks: Aspirational. Aggressive. Unlikely? ( 7:16:00 AM
SBUX7Starbucks May Have a Goldmine in Reserve ( 6:00:00 AM
SBUX7Starbucks Provides Long-Term Growth Plan: What to Expect? ( 5:39:00 AM
SBUX7Starbucks’ 5-year plan will drive the growth the company seeks, analysts say ( 4:54:00 AM
TWTR7Twitter, Inc. breached its 50 day moving average in a Bullish Manner : TWTR-US : December 8, 2016 ( 4:38:00 AM
SBUX7Starbucks’ Plan to Win Lunch Crowd Is Tough Task for New CEO ( 2:00:00 AM
GE7GE Asean CEO: Next Year Looks Positive ( 6:05:00 PM
SBUX7Starbucks plans to sell pizza as part of its premium push ( 5:30:00 PM
SBUX7Starbucks' Howard Schultz has a message he wants Donald Trump to hear ( 3:25:00 PM
SBUX7Starbucks' Howard Schultz has a message he wants Donald T... ( 3:15:00 PM
TWTR7Twitter Shares Rally Even as Embattled CEO Digs In ( 3:05:00 PM
SBUX7Starbucks goes upscale with $10 coffee ( 2:51:00 PM
SBUX7Inside Starbucks' ambitious plan to combat the 'seismic shift' that could kill its business ( 2:50:00 PM
TWTR7Does Twitter need Trump? ( 2:16:00 PM
SBUX7Starbucks’ five-year plan will drive the growth the company seeks, analysts say ( 1:52:00 PM
TWTR7Jack Dorsey on Trump’s use of Twitter: ‘fascinating’ and ‘complicated’ ( 1:42:00 PM
SBUX7Starbucks CEO Says U.S. 'Over-Retailed,' Plans To Add 12,000 Stores ( 1:28:00 PM
SBUX7Starbucks sees its fast-growing China business overtaking its US market one day ( 1:28:00 PM
NKE7Dow Scores Another Record for Third Consecutive Day; S&P 500 Also Hits New High ( 1:06:00 PM
SBUX7Starbucks aims for steep growth in revenue, profits and stores under new CEO ( 12:48:00 PM
SBUX7Starbucks is rolling out a new system to convince you to buy exactly want it wants you to buy ( 12:20:00 PM
SBUX7Starbucks to boost number of shops, add more food to menu ( 12:07:00 PM
SBUX7Starbucks to boost number of shops, add more food to menu ( 12:07:00 PM
SBUX7Has Starbucks Learned its Lesson? (SBUX) ( 11:59:00 AM
SBUX7Starbucks: Would you like a slice of pizza with that venti? ( 11:58:00 AM
GE7Analysts Largely Positive on the 'New' Baker Hughes Ahead of Analyst Day ( 11:47:00 AM
TWTR7Dorsey to Stay CEO of Twitter & Square (TWTR, SQ) ( 8:51:00 AM
GE7Traders looking for quick pop in GE ( 8:35:00 AM
TWTR710:53 am Twitter displays relative strength with price challenging its 2-week range highs along 18.80/18.90 ( 7:53:00 AM
DIS6Disney Needed a Brainless Rooster for ‘Moana,’ So It Called Alan Tudyk ( 7:25:00 PM
GOOGL6Apple, Google Get Serious About Self-Driving Cars -- Tech Roundup ( 1:38:00 PM
DIS6How Disney plans to track guests' eyes to improve the theme park experience ( 1:30:00 PM
AMZN6Carl Icahn Believes Auto Parts Retailers are Overpriced ( 1:26:00 PM
AMZN6Since September, 65% Of All U.S. Internet Users Visited ( 10:52:00 AM
AMZN6Amazon Web Services Cloud Now Available to Customers from Data Centers in Canada ( 10:34:00 AM
DIS6Disney Needed a Brainless Rooster for 'Moana,' So It Called Alan Tudyk ( 9:12:00 AM
DIS6Michael Jordan Gets His Name Back in China With Rare Legal Victory ( 7:51:00 AM
DIS6Disney Stock Trades Ex-Dividend Thursday ( 6:19:00 AM
GOOGL6Alibaba Joins World's Largest Telecom Carrier as It Executes Cloud Strategy ( 10:51:00 AM
GOOGL6Best place to work? In-N-Out tops all but 2 big Silicon Valley employers ( 10:45:00 AM
GOOGL6One year later, nobody knows what Alphabet is — and that's a godsend for Google's public-image problems ( 10:00:00 AM
COST, AMZN45 consumer stocks set to cash in this holiday season ( 3:01:00 PM
COST3Asian shares meander as ECB-inspired rally fades ( 7:05:00 PM
COST3Asian shares meander as ECB-inspired rally fades ( 7:05:00 PM
FIT3Fitbit Loses Another Wall Street Supporter ( 2:43:00 PM
FIT3Fitbit Stock Hits All-Time Low On Downgrade, Price-Target Cut ( 2:03:00 PM
FIT3Fitbit falls as demand for wearables wanes ( 1:03:00 PM
FIT3Fitbit downgraded by Deutsche Bank ( 11:55:00 AM
COST3Stocks Trade At Record Highs; Fiber-Optic Stocks On Fire ( 10:03:00 AM
COST, FIT3Lululemon, Juniper, AMD Upgraded; Fitbit Downgraded ( 9:27:00 AM
FIT3Fitbit looks to buy software assets from Pebble as it moves beyond fitness trackers ( 8:12:00 AM
FIT3Oppenheimer On Why Fitbit's Pebble Acquisition Works ( 7:50:00 AM
FIT3Deutsche Bank Downgrades Fitbit From Buy to Hold ( 7:48:00 AM
FIT3Fitbit Touts Pebble Buy, Partners With Medtronics ( 7:36:00 AM
COST3Stock Market News for December 08, 2016 ( 7:10:00 AM
FIT3Fitbit downgraded to neutral as adoption of wearables wanes ( 6:49:00 AM
COST3Stocks Open Flat; Lululemon, Nike Advance ( 6:41:00 AM
FIT3Top Analyst Upgrades and Downgrades: AMD, Cree, Fitbit, Hess, Juniper Networks, Lululemon, Priceline and More ( 6:10:00 AM
COST3Cramer: I want companies with good earnings & boosted by ... ( 6:04:00 AM
FIT3Medtronic Teams Up with Fitbit, Accelerates Diabetic Care ( 5:54:00 AM
FIT3Amid Horrendous Year, Crispin Odey Turns to These Stocks for Reprieve ( 5:48:00 AM
FIT3Fitbit's Purchase Of Pebbles May Have Been A Good Move, But Organic Growth Issues Still A Concern ( 5:37:00 AM
FIT3Analysts' Actions -- Advanced Micro Devices, Fitbit, Hess, Juniper and More ( 5:11:00 AM
COST3Stocks to Watch: December 8, 2016 ( 4:35:00 AM
FIT3Fitbit Buys Pebble Smartwatch Assets ( 1:16:00 PM
FIT3Don’t believe your own hype: How Pebble went from being worth $740 million to less than $40 million ( 1:11:00 PM
FIT3STOCKS HIT ALL-TIME HIGH AGAIN: Here's what you need to know ( 1:00:00 PM
FIT3Time runs out for smartwatch pioneer Pebble ( 12:34:00 PM
FIT3Fitbit is acquiring Kickstarter darling Pebble to keep afloat ( 10:15:00 AM
FIT3Fitbit is acquiring Kickstarter darling Pebble to keep afloat ( 10:15:00 AM
FIT3One of the most exciting products of 2016 just got cancelled ( 10:07:00 AM
FIT3Fitbit buys Pebble's software, doesn't want the watches ( 9:00:00 AM
FIT3Fitbit buys smartwatch maker Pebble's software assets ( 7:30:00 AM
SBUX, AMZN25 Stocks with the Largest Downside Risk this Week ( 1:01:00 PM
NKE2Which Sportswear Manufacturer Is the Best Investment? ( 11:38:00 AM
NKE2Students at Georgetown Want Ties With Nike Severed ( 11:23:00 AM
NKE2Lululemon Surges On Beat, But Have We Reached Peak Athleticwear? ( 10:03:00 AM
TWTR2Kiss the ring: The Economist sums up Trump's new relationship with American business ( 9:22:00 AM
SBUX2The Convoluted Path from a Struggling Keurig to a Mondelez-Kraft Heinz Merger ( 8:32:00 AM
TWTR2Indiana union leader faces backlash ( 7:18:00 AM
NKE2NIKE Losing Sheen: Stock Grapples with Multiple Headwinds ( 7:18:00 AM
NKE2The 4 Best Stocks to Buy for a Market-Beating 2017 ( 6:50:00 AM
NKE2Stocks close at new heights as investors shake off Trump-inspired health-care woes ( 4:28:00 AM
TWTR2This is the first Asian telco to livestream the NBA ( 9:32:00 PM
COST2[$$] Costco Same-Store Sales Rise After String of Declines ( 4:41:00 PM
SBUX2Cramer Remix: Trump’s warning to Wall Street ( 4:00:00 PM
TWTR2Arianna Huffington’s Mission to End the Burnout Epidemic ( 3:48:00 PM
TWTR2Arianna Huffington on How Media Should Cover Donald Trump ( 3:30:00 PM
SBUX2Business Highlights ( 2:12:00 PM
NKE2Large-Cap Stocks Reach New Highs on Wednesday ( 1:57:00 PM
NKE2Stocks close at new records as investors shake off Trump-inspired health-care drop ( 1:30:00 PM
NKE2Nike, Home Depot Dominate DJIA on Wednesday ( 1:02:00 PM
NKE2Cowen Downgrades Nike to ‘Neutral’ ( 12:35:00 PM
NKE, TWTR25 Stocks With Huge Upside Potential this Week ( 12:30:00 PM
NKE2Nike HyperAdapt 1.0: A Small Step Toward the Future ( 12:24:00 PM
SBUX2Trump Talk Moves Market Again — Who Is It This Time? ( 11:32:00 AM
NKE2Who Were the Outliers in the Consumer Space on December 6? ( 10:52:00 AM
NKE2Millennial shoe shoppers are clamoring for these fashion staples of the ’60s and ’70s ( 10:04:00 AM
NKE2Nike is suffering as Adidas and Under Armour gain momentum ( 9:02:00 AM
NKE2NIKE, Inc. – Value Analysis (NYSE:NKE) : December 7, 2016 ( 8:10:00 AM
GOOGL1Meet the team making history in Southeast Asia's space race ( 6:55:00 PM
GOOGL1Samsung Spoils Galaxy S8 In An Act Of Utter Stupidity? ( 6:40:00 PM
TSLA1Samsung Electronics to supply chips to Tesla - Electronic Times ( 5:29:00 PM
TSLA1Samsung Electronics to supply chips to Tesla - Electronic Times ( 5:28:00 PM
TSLA1Samsung Electronics to supply chips to Tesla -Electronic Times ( 5:27:00 PM
TSLA, GOOGL1Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk expose Silicon Valley’s poor corporate governance ( 4:59:00 PM
AMZN, FIT1Indexes Power Higher; Amazon Gets Bullish Call, Apple Near Key Support ( 3:28:00 PM
AMZN, GOOGL1Boost In Technology Budgets Benefits Amazon, Microsoft, Salesforce ( 2:33:00 PM
GOOGL1Fake-news sites are making money from big-brand advertisers ( 2:28:00 PM
TSLA1Something interesting — and possibly alarming — is happening with Tesla stock ( 2:18:00 PM
GOOGL1Antitrust probe will hasten Mad Men decline ( 2:12:00 PM
AMZN1Microsoft's LinkedIn approach suggests the deal won't be another Nokia, aQuantive ( 2:10:00 PM
DIS1US Market Indexes Continue to Reach New Highs ( 2:08:00 PM
AMZN1This increasingly commonplace habit could be dangerous for your finances ( 2:07:00 PM
GOOGL1Will tech propel the market to Dow 20K? ( 2:01:00 PM
AMZN, GOOGL1The tech trade is on: 8 ways to trade ( 2:00:00 PM
TSLA1Tesla expansion means jobs boom for Fremont ( 1:57:00 PM
DIS1Dow, S&P 500, Nasdaq close at records ( 1:31:00 PM
AMZN1Wait for Weakness in the Market ( 1:13:00 PM
AMZN, DIS, TSLA, TWTR, GOOGL1These 5 Companies Could Make Westworld a Reality ( 1:08:00 PM
GOOGL1Trump’s tax holiday won’t make much of a difference without corporate-tax reform ( 1:07:00 PM
GOOGL1Hortonworks: MapR Shows a Better Way, Says Cowen ( 12:53:00 PM
AMZN, DIS, TSLA, TWTR, GOOGL1These 5 Companies Could Make Westworld a Reality ( 12:30:00 PM
GOOGL1Apple says it is working closely with the Chinese government to kill coal ( 12:19:00 PM
GOOGL1How big brands are inadvertently funding fake news sites ( 12:10:00 PM
GOOGL1Google To Become A 100% Renewable Energy Company in 2017 ( 11:12:00 AM
AMZN1TechFlash Q&A: Amazon is changing the game on AI, startup investor says ( 11:05:00 AM
AMZN1The tech industry is taking too gloomy a view of the Trump presidency ( 10:41:00 AM
TSLA1White is about to be replaced as the most popular car color ( 10:21:00 AM
TSLA1Tesla Shareholder Lawsuit Advances in Delaware Court (TSLA) ( 9:21:00 AM
TSLA1Will Auto Stocks Gain in December after Strong November Sales? ( 8:05:00 AM
GOOGL15G on horizon: Next generation of high-speed mobile web gets Austin debut ( 7:30:00 PM
GOOGL1Chromebooks: The Cheap, Good-Enough Alternative to Windows Laptops ( 7:08:00 PM
AMZN, GOOGL1Are Apple, FANG Stocks Ready To Join The Trump Rally? ( 3:33:00 PM
AMZN1Final Trade: AMZN, UA & more ( 2:58:00 PM
AMZN1Apple Music Hits 20 Million Subscribers As Pandora Debuts Rival Service ( 2:11:00 PM
AMZN1Amazon's Next Big Growth Opportunity Could Be Apparel ( 1:42:00 PM
AMZN1Amazon and other online retailers are doing away with checkout and other traditional features ( 1:39:00 PM
GOOGL110 best companies to work for in the U.S., according to employees ( 1:33:00 PM
AMZN1Amazon's grocery store of the future was predicted in this IBM commercial from 10 years ago ( 1:28:00 PM
GOOGL1AT&T, Time Warner Combo Needed Vs. Apple, Facebook, Says Cuban ( 1:13:00 PM
AMZN1Let’s not freak out about the “next major job killer” just yet ( 1:10:00 PM
GOOGL1Facebook, Google, Apple, Clorox are best workplaces: Glassdoor survey ( 12:31:00 PM
AMZN1Amazon Is Sued By Makers Of Snuggies Blankets ( 12:26:00 PM
AMZN1One of Amazon's most 'underappreciated' businesses is already way ahead of Apple and Google ( 12:18:00 PM
AMZN, GOOGL1Taking Inventory Of Today's Apple Chatter ( 11:55:00 AM
GOOGL1Chromebooks: The Cheap, Good-Enough Alternative to Windows Laptops ( 11:17:00 AM
AMZN1This chart shows how Amazon could become the first $1 trillion company ( 11:11:00 AM
GOOGL1Nvidia's Got the Mo, But Watch Those ASICs, Says BMO ( 10:45:00 AM
AMZN1Amazon opens checkout-free convenience store in Seattle, but it's pretty exclusive for now (Photos and Video) ( 10:00:00 AM
AMZN1The Strategy Behind Amazon Web Services' Growing Margins ( 9:48:00 AM
AMZN1Winners And Losers As Amazon Moves Into The Grocery Space ( 9:10:00 AM
DIS1New 'Fifty Shades Darker' Trailer Teases Sex But No Violence ( 8:05:00 AM
TSLA1This small Tesla recall involves charging adapters ( 7:34:00 AM
COST0[$$] Costco Rally Is for Real ( 1:15:00 PM
SBUX0[$$] 'Pokémon Go' Adds Starbucks Stores as Gyms and PokéStops ( 12:09:00 PM
SBUX0[$$] At Starbucks, CEO Transition Plan Includes Vow Not to Hover ( 7:08:00 PM

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